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Our Services

Our Services

Our comprehensive subscription-based HR website contains the following sections to support you in every aspect of managing your employees.

Health & Safety

Within this section subscribers have access to our Health and Safety How–to Guides covering every aspect of Health and Safety. Each of these guides has the same easy to use basic layout and are available as downloadable PDF files.

Accompanying every guide are a range of checklists and Health and Safety Record Forms for you to use when administering this topic in your business. These are available as downloadable ready to use template documents and checklists.

HR How to Guides

Within this section subscribers have access to our comprehensive range of HR How-to Guides covering every aspect of people management. Each of these guides has the same easy to use basic layout and are available as a  downloadable PDF file. Every How-to Guide references the necessary template Forms and Letters required when managing every stage of a people process or procedure.

Additional Contract Clauses

As well as providing our subscribers with sample Contracts of Employment to use to develop their own Contracts we have also provided additional contract clauses that they can add should they be relevant to their business.

Statutory Payments Guide

Our subscribers have access to our Statutory Payments Guide which provides them with information related to all the current statutory payments that they need to be aware of including Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Adoption Pay, Paternity Pay, National Minimum Wage and Statutory Redundancy Pay.

HR Policy Finder

In this section our subscribers have access to a suite of HR Policies. Each of these policies is designed to be included in a Company Staff Handbook or loaded onto their HR system. Subscribers simply pick the policies they require and download them. Providing them with piece of mind, knowing they are compliant with UK employment law.

Company Rules

In addition to issuing a Contract of Employment to employees it is best practice to issue a series of Rules and Policies contained within a staff handbook.

The rules and regulations listed in this section allow our subscribers to select those appropriate for their business and incorporate them within the Company Rules and Regulations Section of their Handbook or post them on their HR system.

Contracts of Employment

Having a contract of employment which is compliant with the law, meets your business requirements and is in clear simple English is essential for effective people management.

Subscribers can download our ready to use sample contracts of employment as templates when designing their own contracts of employment. They also have access to additional contract clauses so they can tailor their contracts to meet their specific business requirements.

Job Descriptions

In this section subscribers have access to various job descriptions for key roles within any small or medium-sized business. They can simply download their chosen job description and edit it to suit their business needs.

Job Descriptions
Employment Legislation

In this section subscribers find a summary of the recent UK Employment Law affecting UK businesses. It is not an exhaustive list but a summary of the key legislation impacting areas like working time, pay, retirement ages etc.

HR Helpline

There are times in business when we are facing a challenging people issue that requires expert HR advice. You may want support when managing a redundancy or the dismissal of an underperforming employee.

At HRGuide we have a "pay as you go" telephone advice line where our subscribers can speak to one of our CIPD qualified HR Advisors who can offer them straight-forward, practical legal advice and talk them through every step.

They get immediate legal advice from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and only pay for the time they spend on the phone with one of our experienced HR Advisors.